Relines or Relining of a vibratory bowl or tub is the process of removing the current old or worn-out urethane that lines your finishing machine. Relining isn’t just replacing the urethane on your tub or bowl.

We will inspect and repair the machine if there are any damages, and will have a new urethane lining will be put in place, making your machine function like it's brand new. With a variety of molds, we can offer the best geometry for your needs. Optimizing your production to its greatest potential.

Relines or relining a vibratory bowl or tub isn’t just replacing a new urethane lining for an old lining on your machine. It’s a process that Alternative has perfected over 25 years and thousands of relines. Once the old lining has been removed, we will inspect and repair the machine if there are any damages and give your machine a brand new lining. This process includes all the accessories that may come with your machine such as gate assemblies, unloading doors, screen assemblies, and equipment repainting. Alternative has a variety of materials at our disposal to get the perfect lining for your machine. Optimizing your machine with less downtime getting more relines and giving you a lining that will last! To minimize your downtime and optimize your production, Alternative offers a wide variety of molds with on-site mold making as well.

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